About Kindweb.org

Kindweb.org is an online platform developed by UNICEF to provide resources and guidance for Ukrainians, in response to the Ukraine crisis.

It aims to support displaced peoples through providing articles and links to a range of resources for parents and caregivers in caring for children.

Kindweb.org covers information about building stability for children, keeping children healthy and safe, and keeping children learning and entertained.

The site is fully available in Ukrainian, Russian, and English. 

Kindweb.org contents include articles and links to a range of resources including:

  • Building Stability for Children: The Building Stability for Children section contains articles providing advice about a range of ways to create stability for children and how to support a child if you leave home, it also contains practical advice about recognizing mental health challenges in children and ways to support teenagers.

  • Keeping Children Healthy: The Keeping Children Health section contains articles providing advice about immunisation and vaccinations, about infant feeding and newborn care during emergencies, about recognizing symptoms of illness in children, and about seeking medical care abroad.

  • Keeping Children Safe: The Keeping Children Safe section contains articles providing advice about safety rules for traveling abroad with children, guidance about lost children, adoption and who can accompany children, and guidance about reassuring children in a new location, and talking to children about mine safety.

  • Keeping Children Learning: The Keeping Children Learning section contains articles providing guidance about online learning options and about in-person learning options for children in host countries.

  • Keeping Children Entertained: The Keeping Children Entertained section contains information about resources for keeping children entertained.

New content will be added regularly, and a new «Teen» section developed during 2023.

Information about the App

You can install www.kindweb.org as an app on your phone as well as access it as a website. If you go to Kindweb.org on your mobile you will be able to test installing it as an app on your phone.

To create the app follow these instructions:


1) Using any of the major browsers go to www.Kindweb.org and open the browser menu,

2) Select a item on the menu named «Install as App» or «Install to Device»,

3) Click that item, and you will be able to add Kindweb.org as an app on your device (Be aware that the way to get to that item in the menu, and the text of that item may vary depending on your phone manufacturer and browser.)


1) Use Safari,

2) browse to Kindweb.org and use the share button,

3) in the share menu, select «Add to Homescreen», and Kindweb.org will be added as an app on your device.